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Cracked Conch

Cracked Conch (Northwest Point Road, West Bay, Grand Cayman) – this restaurant offers up Caribbean delights and international fare in an unparalleled setting.  Signature conch specialties including tender Cracked Conch and robust Conch Chowders are served alongside new classics including Red Snapper and Short Rib Ravioli.  Open the doors wide, push open those shutters and […]


Pedro St. James Castle

Pedro St. James Castle (Grand Cayman) — Originally built by an Englishman who arrived in the islands in 1765, it is the islands’ oldest surviving building. Local stories also associate it with the pirate Henry Morgan and a 17th-century Spaniard, Pedro Gómez, though there’s no proof. The house is touted as the islands’ ‘birthplace of […]


Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers

Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers (2114 Bodden Town Road, Grand Cayman) — For decades, the Lighthouse at Breakers has been a local landmark, on the tranquil southern shore of Grand Cayman.  The restaurant is a leisurely 25 minute drive from George Town following the scenic coast line and features a creative menu of local seafood and […]



Britannia (Grand Cayman Beach Suites, 747 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman) — Located off Seven Mile Beach and connected to the popular Britannia Golf Course, this fun spot is great for dining alone or just to grab a coffee and a newspaper. Join a group of friends enjoying a Bloody Caesar or a casual business […]


Pirate’s Caves

Pirate’s Caves (South Shore Road, Bodden Town, Grand Cayman) – these are natural limestone caves located on Grand Cayman’s south shore, and are a nod to the island’s history of pirate activity during the 17th & 18th centuries.  To accommodate the family-friendly tourist traffic, there’s a gift shop with pirate paraphernalia and a petting zoo.  […]



Bus — The public bus terminal (916-1293), located by the public library on Edward St in downtown George Town, acts as the dispatch point for buses to all areas of Grand Cayman.  Color-coded logos on the buses to indicate their routes. The main routes: West Bay (fare US$2.50; 6am-11pm Sun-Thu, 6am-midnight Fri & Sat) Every […]