Smith’s Cove

Smith’s Cove (South Sound, Grand Cayman) — Nestled in the suburban district of South Sound, this small coved beach is a world away from Seven Mile Beach.  Grape trees surround the sandy area, giving a nice bit of shade, while leaving enough sand for sun lovers.  The iron shore breaks to allow the sand to slope down to the inviting blue waters. Swimmers can head straight out and you will hit the larger reef (20-35 ft.) where you have more chance of seeing turtles, angelfish, barracuda, stingrays and barrel sponge.

Smith’s Cove is also a great spot to snorkel from and explore the outer reef 50-60 meters from shore.  During the week, Smith’s Cove can be close to empty, but things quickly change on the weekend as a favorite local spot.  For those snorkeling in shallow waters (4-8 ft), one can see elk horn coral, sea fans, parrot fish, blue tangs and many other fish (keep an eye out for the 3-4 ft long tarpon that come to Grand Old House for a feed each evening).